Comprehensive PAS 9980 Survey Services

We perform PAS 9980 & FRAEW surveys to help you determine and mitigate external wall fire risks

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PAS 9980 Survey

We conduct PAS 9980 Surveys according to the formal code of practice. Our expert team will inspect the building’s construction from a fire safety standpoint.

This helps determine the presence of existing risk factors that make the external walls susceptible to the spread of fire.

PAS 9980 Report

After conducting the PAS 9980 survey for a building, we prepare a report that compiles our findings. The report will cover a basic description of risk factors if there are any, as well as recommendations.

These are steps that the building manager can take to mitigate existing risks.

Fire Risk Consultation

Our team of safety consultants and fire engineers are equipped with the expertise and knowledge to offer guidance on fire safety.

We provide consultation services to building owners and managers looking to mitigate fire risks by improving safety measures.

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About Us

We’re a team of experienced fire engineers, safety officers, and consultants with the right qualifications and knowledge to conduct a FRAEW and PAS9980 surveys.

Our company believes in taking a proactive approach towards preventing fire risks.

At PAS 9980 Survey Services, our mission is to work with clients to make the buildings in London and nearby neighbourhoods safer for occupants by mitigating the risk of fires spreading through the external walls.

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We have dedicated PAS9980 & FRAEW specialists to help with your building.

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With over two decades of industry experience and fire-related expertise, our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

Fully Insured

We are fully insured and underwritten by an A rated insurance company. 

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