What Is PAS 9980?

At PAS 9980 Survey Services, we conduct fire risk appraisals of exterior walls. Providing services in London and neighbouring areas, we help building managers and owners understand current risk factors so they can take steps to mitigate them. We do this according to the PAS 9980, but what is it?

After the unfortunate fire of the Grenfell Tower in 2017, there has been an urgency to reform practices and ensure better fire safety. One of the ways to do this is through a risk-based approach that assesses a building’s risk factors.

Experts perform these appraisals using the Code of Practice PAS 9980. It’s used to determine the risk of fire spreading over a building’s external walls or cladding. To provide a better understanding of PAS 9980, here’s a helpful guide.

What Does the PAS 9980 Entail?

PAS 9980 is a guide that aims to decrease the risk of fire that can spread through cladding systems or external walls. It was published by the British Standards Institution (BSI) at the start of 2022. This applies to the current blocks of flats, including multi-occupancy and multi-story residential buildings.

Furthermore, it also covers student accommodations along with the specific specialized units and houses that are turned into flats. PAS 9980 has 5-step for performing risk assessments.

The entire process allows fire safety professionals to spot the overall risk factors in a property. Here is the step-by-step process:

• Step 1 - Check if the full fire risk assessment of external walls (FRAEW) is necessary

• Step 2 - Collect all the relevant details to complete the FRAEW.

• Step 3 - Find and group the factors that are critical in identifying the risk rating.

• Step 4 - Evaluate each group of risk factors to learn about their possible impact on the overall risk.

• Step 5 – Evaluate the risk factor analysis against the standard success criteria to provide a rating.

After conducting the survey, our team of assessors will compile the findings into a report. This will include basic information about the building, risk factors, and specific recommendations designed to alleviate these risks.

Risk Factors and Other Considerations of the PAS 9980

Mainly the PAS 9980 is a code of practice that is designed to evaluate risk factors in situations where intrusive fire testing isn’t an option. It will confirm whether the presence of the combustible materials increases the risk of fire spreading via external cladding systems.

The fire risk factors mainly focus on materials used in building construction. For instance, the use of potentially flammable or combustible materials in cladding. It also looks at the possible extent of additional fire on different floor levels.

Such factors can lead to dangerous smoke and heat exposure among occupants. Therefore, the code of practices aims to help reduce injuries. Additionally, assessment professionals evaluate the building’s structure within the context of fire safety, how the building is used, and its current safety measures.

This can include the placement and design of windows and fire safety features and whether a fire will make them inaccessible during emergency situations.

PAS9980 Survey Experts

Our team at PAS 9980 Survey services includes more than just individuals who excel in fire design engineering and fire safety strategy planning. We are equipped to provide advice regarding all aspects of fire safety service and regulatory compliance throughout various stages of the design and consultation process including most importantly PAS9980 surveys and FRAEW (Fire risk appraisals of the external walls) and External Wall Fire Risk Assessment.

Don't hesitate to reach out and speak to our team of experts. We are eager to discuss the ways in which we can assist you as well as guide you through your building safety journey.

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