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Get a complete fire risk appraisal of external walls (FRAEW) with PAS 9980 Survey Services. We’re a team of skilled experts that can conduct the PAS 9980 survey in London and surrounding areas. With our help, you can determine the fire risk of your building’s external walls.

We firmly believe in adopting a proactive approach toward preventing fire accidents and potential injuries. Through our assessment and recommendations, clients can begin to take effective measures to alleviate the risk of fire spreading via external walls.

All our inspection protocols are in accordance with the PAS 9980 Code of Practice, which lays down guidelines for assessors.

After each survey, we conduct an analysis and give clients a fire risk rating. We also prepare a detailed report that covers the findings of our analysis and specific recommendations to mitigate risks. The report includes relevant details regarding risk factors so clients can take effective safety measures.

Get a Comprehensive Idea about the Risk Factors with Our PAS 9980 Survey

PAS 9980:2022 provides guidelines regarding fire risk appraisal of the exterior walls and cladding on current residential buildings. This survey evaluates the building's exterior wall within the context of fire safety. This can help in determining whether occupants can safely evacuate in the event of a fire.

The PAS 9980 survey is designed to offer a risk-based approach to evaluating the fire risk of a building without performing intrusive fire testing.

The entire goal of the FRAEW is to evaluate risk factors that make the property susceptible to fire risks. It entails going over the parameters of the building's external walls to find areas that can cause the fire to spread. Additionally, our survey allows you to determine whether there’s a need to remediate or use other measures to deal with the risk factors.

We perform the survey for a wide range of buildings, such as:

• Student accommodation

• Specialised housing schemes

• Sheltered housing

• Multistorey buildings

• Multi-occupied residential buildings

• Buildings converted into flats

Our PAS 9980 survey is helpful in cases where risk factors are a concern due to the external wall’s construction type. For instance, buildings that may use combustible or flammable materials in cladding.

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We’re a leading provider of PAS 9980 Survey Services in London. We offer the following to ensure client satisfaction and great performance:

• 5 million Professional Indemnity insurance

• Fast response times

• Free Quotations

• Professional and experienced staff

• Team of dedicated fire engineers, consultants and professionals

The specialist team carrying out PAS 9980 surveys comprises various talented inspectors and skilled engineers that have years of experience when it comes to conducting building inspections. Moreover, we’re trained and qualified according to the PAS 9980 Code of Practice. This allows us to conduct simple and technical assessments.

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