Conducting Reliable FRAEW Surveys in London

At PAS 9980, we perform fire risk assessment surveys to evaluate your building's external walls for the risk of fire spreading. Our company offers services in London and surrounding areas to help clients ensure their property is safe.

All our inspection practices and protocols are in accordance with PAS 9980, the official code of practice for conducting the fire risk appraisal of external walls (FRAEW) for residential buildings such as:

• Student accommodation

• Specialised housing

• Sheltered homes

The FRAEW's objective is to determine the risk of a fire spreading through or over the external walls. It also includes deciding whether any remediation or measures are required to mitigate the risk.

Carrying out a fire risk assessment per PAS 9980 guidelines requires extensive training and expertise in technical aspects. Don't worry, though, because we have a team of experts, such as fire and safety officers, to get the job done.

We Perform a Comprehensive FRAEW Survey

With PAS 9980 Survey Services, you have the peace of mind that a professional team of engineers, consultants, and experts is conducting the appraisal for fire risks of the building's external wall. We go through each detail to ensure that no risk factor is unaddressed in the final report.

From our humble beginnings, we have managed to carry out numerous surveys for our clients in London and nearby areas. Our methods are influenced by the requirements of the PAS 9980 because it was drafted for the guidance of fire risk assessors (FRAs).

Every step that we take for evaluating the building is taken by one of our qualified team members through a visual assessment. Next, we go through the five-step process approach as mentioned in the PAS 9980.

1. We confirm whether a complete FRAEW is needed

2. We gather the necessary information required to conduct the FRAEW

3. We identify factors that play a significant role in affecting the risk rating and group them into categories

4. We look at each group of risk factors to determine how they affect the overall risk

5. We compare the risk factor analysis against benchmark criteria

After performing the survey, we also prepare a report that includes our findings and offers specific recommendations.

Additionally, we'll also give you an extensive technical appraisal through the fire engineering analysis. This way, it will further refine the risk evaluation posed on the existing buildings' external walls.

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